One of the things I was excited about moving to Portland, OR for is all of the rain I hear about. It's weird, I know, but I'm that person who likes the rain and loves the winter. Boy was I in for a bad surprise when I found out that Portland doesn't even get a proper rain, not the kind I'm used to anyway. No thunderstorms, no alligator tear-sized raindrops, no magnificent, threatening clouds - just an ever present drizzle from a sky that's as blank as a sheet of paper. I'm homesick before I've even left.

The Great American Landscape. Mixed media on paper, 8" x 10". 2013

Here in the summertime we get these weird rain storms. They pop up out of nowhere, and rain pours down real heavily while the sun is shining. In a few minutes the rain is gone. When that happens we say, "The devil's beating his wife," although, I'm not quite sure where that comes from. It's beautiful to see the sunlight through the raindrops, and it's something else to hear that menacing thunder well up from the earth.

The Devil Beating His Wife. Mixed media on paper, 7" x 5". 2013

I'm concerned about something even more important than thunder storms, though: people say that you can get good tomatoes in Portland, but I'm skeptical. I've heard that their tomato season doesn't start until August! What kind of summer is it without tomatoes??? You might as well not have any tomatoes. Everyone knows that the first fruits aren't as good as what you get later in the season, and a month of summer just isn't long enough for that. I suppose I should chock all this up to pre-moving jitters, but damn, I'm gonna' miss my garden and the storms.

The Garden Out at Owl Hollow. Watercolor on Polaroid, 4.25" x 3.5". 2013


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