Come and Take It!

I've made a series of drawings called Come and Take It. For those unfamiliar with the Come and Take It motto and flag, here's a little backstory. Americans who were settled in Mexico's Texas worked together with Santa Anna to fight against the region's Native Americans. Santa Anna had given the town of San Antonio a cannon specifically for that purpose, but later on when Santa Anna wanted to reinforce his control over Texas he sent troops to take back the cannon. In typical Texan fashion, the settlers revolted, made a flag taunting the Mexican troops, and started the Texas Revolution.

A recreation of the original flag. Image taken from Warfare Historian.

I'm thinking of that attitude in my drawings. Many others have already taken "Come and Take It!" to use as a battle cry for their own causes, which is most often a big f-you to the Federal government regarding gun control. I decided to use the "Come and Take It" bravado to invert those symbols of history. Being a Southern Woman comes with a lot of expectations and historical baggage, but how much of the ideals of Southern Womanhood are relevant today? Gender equality is a right for every woman, and every woman has the right to be exactly who she is without bowing to patriarchal ideas.

Come and Take It (Initial response)

Come and Take It (Past, Present, & Future)

Come and Take It (Creating an Icon)

Come and Take It (Joining the club)

Come and Take It (Bound Up)


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