Burchfield and Brushwork

Charles Burchfield is one of my favorite artists. Back in school I did a lot of research on Mr. Burchfield. One thing that came up over and over again was how so many different people wanted to put him in a neat category, but Burchfield didn't squarely fit into any category. That's something I mull over a lot.

Me seeing Charles Burchfield's work in person for the first time! (Dawn in Hemlock Woods)

As a whole, "J.N. Ward" does not fit comfortably into a neat category. Fine artist, illustrator, painter, or printer? Over the years I've made the mistake of trying to put myself into a definite, easy spiel of a category because I've thought that's what others want. Now I know that what I think others want is usually way different from what they actually want (aka: projection). In the spirit of making what comes naturally and not fitting into a category here's a comic from my new project, Brushwork.

"Projection" from my comic, Brushwork. Ink on bristol, 12" x 15". 2016


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