Between Intention and Movement

Lately I've been taking some inspiration from Roxie Hunt over at How-To Hair Girl. She is an artist who creates with intention and deliberation, and she is attuned to the balance between inspiration and creation. Roxie talks about places where intention turns into movement and back again. That's something I've been obsessed with in my artwork, but I hadn't really thought about it in the spaces I create for myself. 

Intention and movement can create a sacred space. I want the space I live and work in to be a space for creativity, healing, rest, and love. So I took my art class lectures about intention and brought them home to create some sacred spaces for myself.

In doing so, I haven't been as stuck and bogged down in wondering what the intention of my artwork should be. Instead, I've found a healthier back and forth space between intention and movement as I create. And what do you know? Inspiration has popped up in all sorts of places, and it's all come from that balance of a sacred space.


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