Dog Teeth Dreams

I've got a dog who loves the dog bed in my bedroom a lot. She has to have surgery today because she's got periodontal disease. It's making her eyes all mucusy and her nose dry. I'm looking forward to her surgery with a mixture of relief that I'm taking care of her and "Oh my gosh, my poor dog my poor dog my poor dog!" However, she doesn't even know that she has a surgery to look forward to. For now she's snoozing away, dreaming her dog dreams.

Have you ever had a stress dream where your teeth fall out or grow huge or whatever? Well, if I were my dog, and I knew about my upcoming dental procedure, this would be my teeth dream:

The meaning is clear. I'm obviously anxious about all of those treats I can't eat, and who knows for how long? Treats are serious business, especially when you're a dog like my dog.


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