Only one more shower to go...

In honor of the election tomorrow, here's a comic I made: "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters". This one came after watching the news about the Syrian refugees who had sewed their mouths shut in a desperate attempt to cross into Northern Europe. The comic ends with some solidarity and an homage to Francisco Goya.

 The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters by Francisco Goya. Image taken from

For a whole year and a half I've been overwhelmed by coverage of the U.S. Presidential Election. So many things about it have been stomach churning. But then I listened to an episode of Call Your Girlfriend, and they pointed out that (at the time that they made the podcast) there were only five more nights of sleep before the election is over, and, depending on how many showers you take, only five more showers left! With my sleep and shower countdown in perspective, I've felt a lot better. And by Wednesday, hopefully, I'll be completely relieved. 


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