Different Strokes

Years back, I asked my dad if I could please, please use his fancy art pens. One day, he said yes. He got out his red tackle box where he stored his drawing utensils and held out to me a Micron, telling me, "Be very careful. Don't press down too hard with the point." From then on, technical drawing pens were the only way to go. My drawings were all about complete control.

Brush pens were for other people. Unwieldy in my hands, they worked better for other artists and calligraphers until one night at my friend's house when she spoke those fatal words: "Check out this awesome pen I got today." Something clicked as we sat taking turns doodling with her new brush pen. It was awesome. And now, I have one of my very own.

Two different views, two different pens. I can't decide which end result I like more, but the brush pen is definitely in my life to stay.


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