Precious Moments

One of the things that I enjoy most about watercolor is the way that it dries. It leaves patterns and beautiful watermarks. This morning as I was working on an illustration I was struggling. I didn't want to ink over those beautiful swaths of color, but then I remembered a painful yet crucial lesson my outstanding high school art teacher gave me in the twelfth grade: paint over it.

Me with my amazing high school art teacher, Ms. Herbert.

The act of making art can sometimes be too precious. In childhood people often assign great value to the things we create, hanging onto them for years. There's a moment, however, when you realize that not everything you make is good just because you made it. Sometimes things need to be discarded. Not getting bogged down in the way you thought something should be, letting go of preciousness, is a tough process, but the end result is always something better than you had before.

The illustration I was working on today, much improved by some ink and a cat.


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