Wrapping Up

The end of the year is often a wrapping up time for me (get it? Because it's gift-giving season?). It really is, though. Winter is my favorite season because it's a good time for sitting still and reflecting. Today I was looking back at old work, student work and all the work that's built up to today. What is both constant and changing in it are the loved ones I've painted and drawn throughout the years.

Simultaneous presence and absence is something I think a lot about. The What It Is Like When You Are a Ghost series was consciously about that. However, as I'm looking at old work, even from my student days, I see that all of it has always been about presence and absence. They exist together through memory, heritage, legacy, and identity, and that's what I've always made work about. If you want to see a progression of where I'm at in art, looking at the folks in my life over the years is a pretty good indication.


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