Road Blocks

Next month my work from Sotheby's Super Southern Social will be up at a local coffee shop here in town. I hit a snag, though. My drawings were intentionally unframed for Sotheby's Super Southern Social, but for this show frames are needed. I've been grumpy about it all month because frames don't really go with the drawings. When I went to the hardware store I realized that the framing plan I had settled on just wasn't going to work, which led to a lot of stressed out pacing and mumbling.

One of my Brushwork comics, "Artist's Block."

Usually I find that roadblocks end up getting me exactly where I wanna be. Since my original framing plan (the one that I wasn't all that thrilled about anyway) didn't work out, I was forced to problem solve, get creative, and come up with a different plan. This week I'm working on displaying the drawings I made, and I think they're going to be perfect. I hope you can come out and see them next Thursday, February 2nd between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.


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