At Last!

A new body of work is begun! It's been about two years since I've painted in oils (the medium I truly love, the one that I'm passionate about, the texture and the smell and all of the things it can do...), and I'm excited to start the work (in oil!) that I'll be focusing on for the next year or longer. You'll be able to see some of my progress here on the blog.

The first base sketch is done. Usually I like for my sketches to come through in the painting a bit, which might be a hold over from my watercolors. For this work, however, it needs minimal outlining on the painting surface, so I'm using a col-erase non-photo blue that I got from my favorite art supply store in Portland, OR, I've Been Framed (always go local!). It's hard to see in a photo because that's the function of a non-photo blue pencil, but you can kind of see the beginning of where my thoughts will be for the year.


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