Head Shrinking

"Working for exposure" is something anyone in the creative field is familiar with. There are a lot of different podcasts, articles, and think pieces about expectations for freelancers to work for free. It's an area where the "Do What You Love" mantra hurts. One of my my favorite responses to being asked to work for free comes from artist Emmie Tsumaro who created portraits of her non-paying clients.

A comic by Melanie Gillman. Image taken from JoyReactor.

When someone admires my work it makes me feel great! ...until they ask me to work on a project as a "volunteer" or "donation" or for "the exposure." That's like a someone telling you they really like your shirt, only to follow that up by saying, "It gives me an excuse to look at your boobs." It takes my pride and self-confidence and shrinks it down like a wool sweater in a hot temp. wash cycle. 


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