I Woke Up Like... A Feminist?

I love Beyonce, but I don't love reading what white people think about Beyonce. I also don't love when people think Feminism is privileged girl power. Equality for all races, genders, and classes is more important than that. Andi Zeisler is amazing when it comes to cutting through the trend of Feminism, and she's written a whole book about "the buying and selling of a political movement". 

Brushwork: Feminism

I love trying to dance like Queen B (and I feel more awesome about who I am because of her), but I'm gonna' do it understanding the Black experience in a way that I wouldn't have without Beyonce and the conversations that she's started for people of color. 

Beyonce's Flawless featuring Chimamanda Ngozi. Video taken from beyonceVEVO.


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