All work and no play keeps me on the new shit. Work hard, play hard. No pain, no gain. Make it work. The harder you work, the luckier you get. There is no substitute for hard work. (And the best one) She works hard for the money! ...Yup. We get it. Hard work is key. 

Image taken from Best of the 80s.
We've heard it all a billion times before, but applying that hard work ethic is entirely different. The people I admire most working in creative fields have two things in common: hard work and staying true to their vision. A godsend was sent to me last year when a friend gave me a link to The WW Club. The WW Club is a source of practical advice and motivation for women working in creative industries. What I've taken from it is MAKE IT WORK. I'm applying myself, and slowly but surely I am. I'm making it work.
Image taken from The WW Club.

People can be passive about their lives because it's easy to let things happen to and around you. That's one reason why behaviors are frequently inherited from family. There's this idea that once you're grown, you're grown; you don't need to learn more than you already did in school or as a kid. Although hard work is the ultimate patriotic value here in our country, we don't usually work that hard on the intangible things, especially when it comes to working on ourselves.

Gif taken from Lady Like You.

Getting past societal barriers that keep you from seeing another person is hard. So is saying no, creating boundaries, and putting yourself out there. Facing your own self is probably the hardest work you can ever do, but once you start, the other hard work gets easier. I've been doing a lot of work on my own self lately, and I'm proud to present to you the first milestone of my efforts: volume 1 of Brushwork, is now available! Pat me on the back, and give it a look on my website.

Buy my new zine, Brushworkhere. No, really. Do it.


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