One of the best things about social media is that you can follow Yoko Ono online. While the internet is chock full of political snark and endless self-promotion, Yoko Ono uses it to send out reminders of wisdom, love, and the bigger picture by creating positive, healing things and putting them into the world. One of my favorite things she's made is a website called My Mommy is Beautiful. On it you will find an outpouring of love and recognition for mothers that people post and share using the tag #mymommyisbeautiful.

I want to participate in it, because, well, my mommy is beautiful, but first I want to talk about my mom on a personal art note. She's the one who gave me my first art lesson. My mom taught me something that was, at the time, immensely invaluable, which is how to draw Big Bird. She also showed me how to make bubble letters and how to draw her older brother in a not-so-flattering way. While my dad taught me technical drawing skills throughout the years, my mom continually shows me how to curate with a discerning eye. She teaches me to look at something and to see the future of what it can be.

How to Draw Big Bird

Early on my mom taught me that art is fun. It's fun to try different things and to problem solve. Cross-stitch, embroidery, and collage are the art forms I marveled over in my childhood because those were the things she made; as an adult I am confounded by her skill. My mother likes a beautiful space, and she creates beauty and carries beauty into the world wherever she goes. Artists are often obsessed with why we make something, but my mom keeps me grounded in the wisdom that it's okay to make things simply because you like the way they look or because you want to give it a try.

I told my mom I wanted a picture of her for her contact image in my phone; she wanted to make sure it would be a picture that would make sure I answer the phone as soon as I see her.

My mommy is beautiful because she's got the power to teach and the bravery to overcome whatever limiting expectations people place on her. She sees potential everywhere and recognizes potential in herself. I'm honored to get to watch her personal journey of understanding who she is, and it humbles me to know that I'm a part of it. She is absolutely fantastic all around. I love you, Mom!


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