#The100DayProject is something I discovered when I started using Instagram. I saw so many different artists participating in it. Each artist has set their own theme or rules for what they create, and for 100 days they make one artwork every day. It's ambitious, and it's fun to watch an artist's progress day by day.

Lucy Bellwood's #DemonDialogues are fantasatic & what inspired me to do #The100DayProject!
Image taken from Tumblr.

I decided to jump in and try the project for myself as a challenge and a scary sort of adventure. My topic is living with depression and OCDPD and what that's like- one ink drawing a day, each accompanied by a caption. For the first month or so every day I thought, "I don't know how I'm going to do this..." I felt stupid for putting my drawings out there. They were clumsy and not really in my preferred style. I was trying to make them look like what I thought others might think a good drawing looks like. The whole thing felt self-serving and exhausting.

Day 1 of #MentalSelfPortraits.

Somewhere around Day 39 things began to change. The daily drawings turned into a type of journal, a way to step back and consider what I was struggling with during the week. The project is helping me to more quickly recognize when something chemical's going on, which makes me more objective about things; it's easier to take care of myself and not get sucked into the depression. Somewhere along the way my daily drawings turned into something that I like and look forward to. Suddenly a 100 of them didn't seem so daunting.

Day 60 of #MentalSelfPortraits.

Since then I've been confidently drawing them in my personal style. I call them my #MentalSelfPortraits. A really cool thing has happened, too. People not only click that little heart button on the image, but they say, "Me too!"  I'm told how much they relate to my drawings and how the project is helping them out along their own personal journey. Putting myself out there to the world at large is scary and hard, but knowing that it gives support and encouragement to someone else keeps me gladly going at it.

Day 22 of #MentalSelfPortraits.


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