For a long time I didn't realize I was sassy. "Sassy" was that dumb, prissy cat on the remake of Homeward Bound. I hated that movie, and I've never been a cat person, so the word had pretty negative connotations for me. Working in the service industry, though, especially as I gained confidence and skill, I learned from my coworkers that I was sassy as fuck.

Me and my sassy boss and coworkers!

I still don't quite know what "sassy" means, but I think it might be a combination of giving lip and not putting up with crap but doing so in such a way that I can just get away with it. This seems to be an attitude that's been growing in American women leading up to and since the election, except that we're not worried about getting away with it. We are resisting the current administration without apology.

Bad Mama Jama Postcards will be available soon!

Which brings me to some postcards and watercolors I've created featuring sassy as fuck, independent Bad Mama Jamas. I made them with autonomy and dignity in mind. The thread that ties them all together is that they aren't at all concerned with what you think of them. They are owning their power and using their voice.

Bad Mama Jama: Keeping it Classy. Watercolor on paper, 7" x 7". 2016
Prints available here!

I guess that makes them self-portraits in a way, or portraits of bits of who I'd like to be. We all have our inner Bad Mama Jama, and it's my goal through my work to bring her out in all of us. The watercolors and illustrations are small, but for me they serve as affirmations and nudges of encouragement to make that phone call to my representatives, to protect my boundaries, and, above all, to be, gloriously, unapologetically, myself.

Bad Mama Jama postcard.


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