One of my favorite things that's happened in the last year or so is the Wampus Wonderland put on by the Cattywampus Co-op. I grew up going to, and mostly enjoying, holiday craft fairs with their buckets of peanut brittle and cute holiday decor, but the craft fairs of my childhood, well, the Cattywampus ain't. The Wampus Wonderland is loud and a lot of fun. The vendors all have their own thing going on whether it's craftsman jewelry or cross-stitched expletives, but the one thing they all have in common is that each one excels in their outstanding craft.

The little known but terrifying Christmas Krampus at last year's Wonderland!
Image taken from Cattywampus Co-op.

It wasn't until a good while after the first Wampus Wonderland that I met one of the masterminds behind it, Olivia Trimble. She is just as wonderful, fun, and unique as the vendors she brings together. Back in the summer she absolutely floored me when she matter-of-factly asked if I'd be participating in this year's holiday show. I've never participated in a huge art sale like that before. That's not to say that I haven't sold my art or been a part of art markets or gallery shows, but those have all been on a smaller and very local scale. I told her I'd think about it. Maybe. 

Day 28 of my #mentalselfportraits.

The more I thought about hawking my wares at the Cattywampus, the more I got it into my head that maybe I could do it if I could just share a booth with someone. To my surprise and delight, a fellow artist, Gustav Carlson, offered to share one with me! Gus is an amazing artist, and I've admired his work ever since we participated in a group show together. Two months passed relatively anxiety free until we both found out that the Wampus Wonderland isn't doing shared booths this year! I'd already told Olivia I was all in, but unable to share a booth, I fearfully wanted to back out; I was screwed.

Gus's newest chapter of Tourist Unknown, Livin' the Dreamland, is up now!
Image taken from Tourist Unknown.

Now I'm expected to do this thing all by myself, and who in the world wants to see just me? Will I even have enough stuff to sell? I've really been fretting about it for a while now. Then I participated in a group sale last month. Instead of showing mainly just paintings, I shared a whole slew of stuff. It turns out that I've been working so hard towards so many different things (paintings, work from older shows, zines, postcards...) that I had plenty, plenty, of stuff that people wanted to look at and buy- all on my own!

My table of wares from my last group art sale, and this is just a small sampling of what I've got available to buy!

That's the thing about me being an artist... My head fills with anxiety and self-doubt. I've got this drive to make things that I'm dying for people to see (and hopefully like enough to buy), but I'm terrified to actually get out there and show it to people. That last art sale gave me a little dose of reality (my work is actually worth something to other people, and I definitely can do this whole art thing), and it's enough that I fully committed to the Wampus Wonderland and put down my non-refundable deposit for very my own booth. I'm really excited and looking forward to it, too! See you there!


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