Supposedly, every girl goes through a horse phase. I have friends who did, some for whom it turned into a lifelong career. Even my teenaged animated heroine, Tina Belcher, has a thing for horses. The reason I never had a horse phase might have been a matter of practicality: if you live in the country, you get to have a horse; if you live in town, you don't. At least, that's how my mom explained it to me.

The fabulous Tina Belcher. Gif taken from Gfycat.

When I was growing up I tended to draw whatever I was obsessed with, which, quite frequently, was dogs. I guess not much has changed since. The one exception to the whole horse thing was when my cousin and I collaborated on an epic story of heartbreak, The Horse Who Could Sing (illustrated by me). It even had a sequel, creatively titled The Horse Who Could Sing 2. Together we weaved the tragic story of a horse who hit the big time only to have his life destroyed by fame and fortune.

Image taken from Pinterest.

Not long ago I was approached by a client about a commission. They were asking if it would be easier for me to paint people or a horse. You'd think that with my limited horse experience (excluding, of course, our epic story) that I'd prefer to paint people over horses or, at the very least, to be intimidated by the prospect of painting someone's prize pony, but not so. Honestly I figure painting a horse is just about like painting anything else - all you need to do is observe and record.

My first sketch of a horse since The Horse Who Could Sing.

It turns out that I actually like painting horses- a lot- even more than dogs and definitely more than people. I like the shape of them, their sleek, shiny coats, and their big personalities. I don't think I could afford to have a horse, but I'm really wishing that I had friends with horses, like having a friend who has a boat or a jet ski. I'd draw that thing all the time, their hooves and movement... Thanks to this commission I guess I'm finally hitting my horse phase, just, you know, 30 years late.

An unfinished detail from my horsey commission.
I'm open to all types of commissions! If you're interested, shoot me an email.


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